The US government is pretty blunt when it comes to household cleaners, warning us that “they may contain chemicals associated with eye, skin, or respiratory irritation, or other human health issues.”

The good news: there are a variety of companies in the natural cleaning space vying to keep you and your pets safe. One of those companies, Biokleen, is hardly a startup. Rather, it’s been in the cleaning biz for three decades. When one guy in the 1980s conventional cleaning industry got fed up by the problems he saw, he took matters into his own hands—literally he got an oar and drum and started stirring natural cleaning products in his garage.

Today, Biokleen is nationally distributed and is one of the biggest names in natural cleaning products. The company’s Clean for Good program not only commits to environmentally-preferable ingredients, packaging, and energy, it also ensures that purchases of its products go to reforestation and other restoration programs.

In other words, Biokleen is a textbook case of conscious capitalism, and we’ve got their managing director, Barry Firth, on the show with us this episode!

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