Is the future of wood tree-free? Maybe so, because of companies like Lingrove, a start-up that’s making a wood-like material from flax.

The U.N. just released a new report basically saying we’re in deep doo doo if we don’t make dire changes now to avert the worst warming of the planet. How deep is that doo doo? Cvilizationally-threateningly deep.

One of the biggest contributors to climate change is deforestation, since trees suck C02 from the air and help keep the planet cooler. They also provide homes and food for wildlife, so when we cut down trees for wood it makes life much more difficult for our feathered, furry, and scaly friends.

Legislation is certainly part of the answer, but without viable alternatives to our destructive ways–think clean energy compared to fossil fuels–it’s not so likely we’ll be able to save humanity from, well, ourselves. That’s where innovative companies like Lingrove come in.

Hear from Joe in this new interview about his journey from working at Ferari to founding a guitar company to now founding and running a company whose goal is, just like Dr. Seuss’s Lorax, nothing short of saving the trees.

And, it’s the first interview we’ve done where a guest plays a musical score live for us, all on a wood-free acoustic guitar, of course. Enjoy!

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